Rain: SA's New Data-only Mobile Network

14 June 2018

News has been abuzz with the launch of a new data-only mobile network, Rain. They launched their service on the 6th of June 2018 promising customers in SA cheap data at 5c per meg (R50 per gig) and data that will never expire.

The launch comes as music in the ears of most people as data prices have remained excessively high in South Africa as compared to other countries in the region. Rain can revolutionise the way we use the internet if they keep their word.

In their press release, they said "There are no contracts lock-ins, no bundles and no regular monthly fees", adding that at any time, a rain customer will be able to set and manage their SIM's spend-limit, ensuring that they never experience bill-shock.

They went on to say "After joining online at rain.co.za, a rain SIM will be delivered straight to your door. You will be able to experience unlimited data usage on rain's high-speed 4G network for free, for 15 days after joining. These free unlimited data days will be a risk-free way for consumers to experience the network and test their individual coverage needs."

now it remains to be seen if they will walk the talk and deliver a good service to the people of Mzansi.

Have you used the Rain network? Please leave a comment let us know your experience below.