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Interesting Tech Facts

Take a look at some of the most interesting facts about technology.

1. A red panda is native to the Himalayas and southwestern China. Translated, the English word for red panda is "Firefox," which is where the browser gets its name.

2. The word robot comes from the Czech “robota." In English, robota translates to "forced labor."

3. The very first Apple logo featured Sir Isaac Newton sitting underneath a tree, with an apple about to hit his head.

4. There is a factory in Japan which can run unsupervised for 30 days at a time. It's almost entirely manned by robots.

5. The world's first camera took eight hours to snap a photo.

6. In Mexico City, there are special bins that offer free wifi to people who properly dispose of their dog poop.

7. In Japan, 90% of mobile phones are waterproof, as many people even use them in the shower.

8. If you find a security bug in Facebook’s code, they are willing to pay big money (like $500 and upwards) for you to tell them about it.

9. In the tech world, November 30th is known as “Computer Security Day."

10. More people on Earth use a mobile phone (4 billion people) than have a toothbrush (3.5 billion).

11. The first 1GB disk drive was released in 1980. It was the size of a fridge, weighed 550 pounds and was on sale for $40,000.

12. Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, as well as Apple have one not so obvious thing in common – they were all started in a garage.

13. It has been 40 years since the world’s first mobile phone call successfully took place.

14. The man known as the Father of Information Theory, Claude Shannon, invented the digital circuit – the foundation of the magic that provides us all access to the Internet today - during his master’s degree program, when he was just 21 years old.

15. CAPTCHA is an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”.

16. The first domain name ever registered was Symbolics.com.

17. Twitter, Wikipedia, and AOL IM all crashed at 3:15pm the day Michael Jackson died.

18. The United Nations declared the internet a basic human right as of June 2011.

19. Up until the 14th of September, 1995, domain registration was free.

20. Sweden has the highest percentage of internet users, they are 75%.