Top Helpful Sites

The world of internet is flooded with millions of websites. Getting the most helpful sites that suit your need can be a hard task. Here is a look at top tech sites, best coding sites, top tech forums and top educational / information sites.

Top 10 Tech Sites

tech crunch

Here is our list top 10 technology webistes globaly. We will keep updating this list as other top websites emerge. Our aim is to direct you to the tech websites with quality and useful tech information.

Best Coding Sites


We can't over emphasize the need to learn coding these days. It's a valuable skill that everyone should possess, no matter what field you are in. Luckily, these days you don't have to go to an expensive college to learn coding. The internet has lots of helpful resources that can take you from zero to a great software developer without paying a cent.

Top Tech Forums

cnet forums

Are you struggling with your phone settings, having trouble troubleshouting your PC or you don't seem to solve problem in codes? You are not alone, hence the existance of online forums with millions of participants around the world.

Top Educational / Information Sites

wikipedia 09 May 2018

The internet is now the major source of information across the world. There are a lot of websites these days dedicated to providing quality information for free.