Affordable WiFi Network Solution

Data has become a very important part of our lives with the growth of smartphones and personal computers use in the past decade. Having WiFi network both for work and pleasure has become a necessity. We provide quality Wifi (802.11ac) installation services in Gauteng - Johannesburg, Midrand, Sandton, Pretoria, and many other places, for both home and office, public areas (like malls and restaurants) and outside places using weatherproof outdoor Access Points. We install top of the range Wireless Access Points from Ubiquiti which provides a very wide range coverage. Our well trained team can also do Wifi network repairs, configurations and network optimisation on existing Wifi infrastucture.

Rain 5g Routers

Ordered A Rain 5G Router?

It can be a headache setting up and configuring a new Rain 5G router for most WiFi users. We save you the unnecessary stress. We do Rain 5G WiFi Router installation - positioning, indoor or outdoor mounting, configuration and network optimisation for best internet reception. We also do additional networking work like extending the Rain 5G WiFi network in a commercial setup or offices.

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Asus Wifi Router

Our Unmatched Superior WiFi Networking Service

Our team of skilled networking experts always deliver the best service. When it comes to our work, we don't cut corners. Customer satisfaction is guarranteed. *Our installations come with a year warranty.

Ubiquiti Unifi Access Points
  •   WiFi network planning, design & setup.
  •   Network optimisation & parental control.
  •   WiFi network Extension & upgrades.
  •   WiFi network security.
  •   WiFi network support.

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