Top Tech How-Tos

The tech world is fast paced and changes very fast. Each year new phones, computers and softwares are released. Every month apps are updated. In the process your tech knowledge can easily become obsolete within a matter of months. Here are some of tech how-tos that will help you get around some obstacles in your every day work.

How To Run Android Apps On PC

Run Android Apps On PC 14 June 2018

You may have wondered how you would run Android on your PC. There are a number of ways that have been developed to make this possible. For an example, you can use Android Studio, use Android PC ports or download Bluestacks App Player.

How To Convert PDF Files To Word Documents

Convert PDF Files To Word 14 June 2018

Adobe Acrobat Reader has always been the best app for reading PDF files and converting PDF files to Microsoft Word documents. However its pricing is prohibitive to many people. Fortunately other developers have developed software that can convert PDF files to editable DOC/DOCX files documents for free or at an affordable price. Our choice of such software is WPS PDF To Word Converter.